The Fastest RC Boat Ever!

This comes from Martin over at rc boat guide.

After testing boat after boat and trying to find the fastest rc boat ever. I do believe that insaneboats have some of the best racing boats out there. They hold the record for being the first gas rc boat to go over 100 mph. You can check out one of their boats here:


There are certain things you need to watch out for when looking for a fast and reliable racing boat. First it has to be easy to control at top speeds. If you’ve ever gone to an rc boat race then you will quickly find that the dangers of the rc boat turning over are at an all time high. Just like in real boat racing with fast rc boats going over 100+ mph even the slightest gust of wind can turn any boat upside down.

If you’re looking to get started in rc boat racing then you also need to look at some of the competitions going on around you. There are quite a few national ones around the U.S but you might find it easier to start off with your local ones. Every beginner does this and if you’re good enough and know how to build or buy quality fast rc boats then you’re in for a good time.

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